Restrictive Covenants

  1. Minimum of 2,000 square feet of main floor living space for a ranch style home and 1,500 square feet of main floor living space and a minimum 2,600 square feet of total living space for a two-story home.  Any home not a ranch style shall be considered a two-story home. Or deviations from these standards as approved by Lancaster Creek Estates, LLC.
  2. All homes shall have a foundation to below the frost line.
  3. All homes shall have a roof pitch of at least 7/12.
  4. All buildings to be erected on site.
  5. All homes to have a minimum of 100% natural building products on front and sides of home such as masonry, cement board siding, or LP Smart siding. Or deviations from these standards as approved by Lancaster Creek Estates, LLC.
  6. All homes will be restricted to no siding smaller than a 5” lap
  7. The restrictions are minimums with flexibility for any well designed home.  The goal is to create a wonderful and varied streetscape.  Front porches, natural materials, and recessed garages are highly recommended for the fronts of houses.  The same floor plan can only be used on 20 percent of the homes.
  8. An electronic copy of house plan should be emailed to  You will within seven business days of receipt get back an approval notice if the  submitted plan meets the appropriate restrictions.  After approval drawings should be submitted to Village of Howard for building permit.
  9. No temporary structures to be used for dwelling purposes.
  10. No permanent exterior storage of boats, motor homes, trailers, campers, R.V.’s or vehicles of any kind permitted on lots within this subdivision.
  11. Exterior of all buildings shall be completed within 12 months after commencement of construction.
  12. One detached building with a maximum of 400 square feet only on lots 7/8/26, exterior to match the principle residence. No metal pole buildings allowed.
  13. Single family residence only.
  14. Satellite dishes not over 20” in diameter, mounted on the principle structure and not visible from the street shall be permitted.  All other TV antennas must be contained within the house and not mounted on the roof.
  15. The land occupied by public utility easements of the lots shall not be graded in such a manner as to interfere with drainage of storm water.
  16. All dwellings to have a minimum of two stall attached garage, with no more than two garage doors facing the perpendicular to the street, a third or forth garage door is to be recessed at least four feet, side loaded or angled to the street.
  17. 4′ fences allowed, no solid fencing, must be approved by developer.
  18. Any unlicensed vehicles must be stored inside buildings.
  19. All wire, cables or conduits to or from homes and garages’ utility buildings shall be placed underground.
  20. No mercury or vapor lights allowed.  Any lights mounted on a pole shall not exceed a height of 6 feet from the ground level.
  21. These covenants are enforceable by the subdivision proprietors and/or owners of any lot in the subdivision by injunctive relief as well as any and every legal right and the proprietors and/or owners shall be entitled to cost and attorney fees incurred to enforce any remedy to the intent not prohibited by law.
  22. The land on all side and rear lot lines of all lots shall be graded by the property owner and maintained by the abutting property owners to provide for adequate drainage of surface water.
  23. Each lot owner shall grade the property to conform to the adopted sidewalk grade and maintain said elevation for future sidewalks.
  24. No poles, pedestals or buried cables are to be placed so as to disturb any survey stake or obstruct vision along any lot lines or street line, a disturbance of a survey stake by anyone is a violation of section 236.32 of the Wisconsin Statues.
  25. Lots 6-9 are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of outlot 3, which at a minimum will be cutting of lawn area within turnabout.  Planting of large trees is prohibited within outlot 3.
  26. See plat with all recorded easements for surface water, utilities and conservation requirements.
  27. Both municipal sewer and water shall serve the development.
  28. No livestock, poultry, or exotic animals of any kind (including without exclusion of others) shall be raised, bred, kept or maintained on any lot in the Plat. No more than two (2) common household pets are permitted and must be contained and maintained.
  29. No nuisance shall be maintained or suffered to exist in the plat.  No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any lot, nor shall anything be done thereon which may become an annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood.
  30. Landscaping and maintenance shall be done in a manner to blend with the environment and nature of the community to prevent the development of unsightly and undesirable areas. The entre lot must be kept well groomed and maintained in an acceptable manner with exception of the denoted natural areas with appropriate adjacent setbacks from the natural areas.  Noted natural areas are on the plat and in recorded easements.
  31. The cutting and storage of firewood shall be confined in a location and size of area and be maintained in an orderly fashion.  If is required that storage of firewood be housed, sheltered or screened by adequate planting or fencing so as to be concealed from view of the neighboring lots and streets.  Firewood cutting and storage is to be limited to private use only not to for resale purposes.
  32.  Trash, rubbish, garbage and all refuse matter or waste shall be kept in closed sanitary containers to be regularly removed from the premises and shall not be allowed to accumulate or cause an undesirable condition or health hazard. No sanitary container is to be put in front of any dwelling sooner than the day before the regularly scheduled pick-up and containers that have been emptied shall be removed from the street-side within 12 hours thereof.
  33. Burning trash, rubbish, garbage yard wastes, etc., is prohibited.
  34. Vegetable gardens shall be restricted to lots on which a dwelling exists.
  35. Vacant lots may not be used for parking of storage of any kind and shall be maintained by owner to comply with these covenants.